M. Scott Vayer Board Director & Executive Vice President

Mr. M
Scott Vayer joined ROI in February 2018 as a consultant and was elected Board
Director and Executive Vice President in May 2018. He brings a wide range of experience
in international business, real estate development, strategic planning, secured
finance, corporate management and more. For over thirty years, Mr. Vayer
practiced as an attorney and counselor at law in the U.S. and internationally
for corporations, federal and state litigation, negotiation, mediation and
arbitration. He worked for more than twenty years as outside general counsel to
an international corporate group with combined sales to $100M in the U.S.,
Europe, Middle East and Russia, as well as a multi-brand EU fashion group, and
for diversified national and international business interests including
corporate directorships. He has also been an adviser to a U.S. presidential
administration for discretionary economic development grants as part of the
federal block grants program. Mr. Vayer earned his B.A. with Field Study from
Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1975 and earned his Juris Doctor
of Law, J.D. at Benjamin & Cordoza School of Law in 1979.