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Who Are We

ROI Land Investments Ltd, incorporated 2013 in Nevada, is the ultimate beneficial owner of a Group of companies branded – ROI GroupTM – working successfully in the real estate sector.

As a private company, headquartered in New York with offices and subsidiaries in Montreal, Dubai, Luxembourg, and Nürtingen. We are focused on unique international real estate investment opportunities. In 2016 and 2017, many key professionals joined ROI GroupTM to presently 15 employees and officers, further expanding the real estate and finance expertise.

At the same time, our business model evolved from being a pure land developer into a truly global real estate development company with three pillars: land development, passive co-investing, and active lead real estate investments.

Our business fields are diversified to allow us to use local knowledge and resources and take advantage of investment opportunities on a global scale.

We seek to create real estate projects that last the test of time and deliver high yield, secure investments for our 350+ investors from all over the world, including high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors, have invested in various ROI GroupTM projects.

Our Mission

Our Philosophy

Our History

ROI GroupTM has a short but intense history, characterized by heights and depths.

The initial management team established ROI Land Investment Ltd. in 2013 by acquiring an existing U.S. publicly traded company. They had the intention of becoming a land development company focused on North America. The Company achieved significant growth through 2015, entering into multiple land development projects in British Columbia and Quebec, Canada, as well as in Colorado, USA.

In anticipation of a publicly announced, multi-billion dollar, liquified natural gas industry investment, ROI purchased land in Canada and entered into an agreement with the consortium LNG Canada. Thereafter, however, market downturns stemming from depressed oil and gas prices caused project delays and cost overruns. Today, after four years of suspension, the LNG Canada project has resumed with full force and the real estate market has risen to reflect this. ROI continues to hold its properties in this region and is now positioning to realize a capital return from these assets.

Shortly after acquiring the Canadian properties, ROI had also made its Colorado investment in undeveloped land. Today, this project in Evans, Colorado, is our largest land development project, with over 1,000 platted lots and is progressing as planned.

An additional hurdle for ROI was the unexpected passing of its CFO in 2016, which, among other factors, forced ROI to reorganize its financial department. During this time, required financial reporting could not be fulfilled despite the Company‘s best efforts and the SEC brought a routine administrative proceeding as a result of these delays. ROI reached an immediate settlement agreement, withdrew its securities registrations and became a privately held company.

Starting in mid-2017, a new management team came into place, rationalizing the cost structure and rebalancing the business model. The objective was to create a new portfolio of capital gain-driven projects, and other projects generating income from redevelopment.

These efforts started to materialize results at the end of 2017 as shown by a significant operating cost reduction, and by investments in new projects that have recurring income, as well as potential capital gains. For 2018, ROI is reporting its first year of positive operating income and is now accelerating its development speed.

ROI’s recent positive developments have been honored not only by the best-in-class partners who have joined us, but also by family offices, asset management companies, and larger institutions who have made new investments with the benefit of comprehensive due diligence and transparency from the Company.

Today ROI creates innovative, high-yield real estate investment opportunities in attractive markets around the world.